Individual Coaching

Discover simple ways to quickly reset and recalibrate your thoughts, energy, and emotions to skyrocket your health, wealth, and happiness!


A “One on One” approach tailored specifically to your individual needs.

My services are used as a guide to coach and help identify what this means to your entire being – body, mind, spirit, family, business and community.

Who we are anywhere is who we are everywhere!

Instead of believing that we wear a million hats and need to behave as different people in all those different roles, we work to identify who we genuinely want to be as the best version of ourselves.

Then, we work together in a co-creative process to remove any barriers to actualizing that potential, as we carve out a manageable action plan to make it all unfold in the best possible way.


Individual Coaching is:

  • A “One on One” approach tailored specifically to your individual needs.
  • Support to unpack all of the moving parts of your life to create a clear vision of your “path of purpose” allowing you to live in flow, peace, balance and harmony on that path.
  • Identify triggers that will alert you when you are hard on yourself or when you compare yourself to others that result in never feeling quite good enough or other self-defeating beliefs.
  • Learn techniques on how to actualize your potential and live the best version of your life. Explore why you are struggling to identify what that means for you and the steps you can take to get there.
  • Learn to become aware of what your body is trying to tell your mind and your spirt. By becoming aware of your body’s signals and warnings, you will begin to explore different ways to heal, to tend to your body’s needs and find a self-care toolkit that works for you.

Your Individual Coaching Program

is Tailored to YOU.

Results You Can Expect:  

  • Assess, Identify and Implement a self-care plan that allows you to actualize being the best version of who you are for yourself, the people you love and the people you serve.  
  • Learn how to listen to what your body needs to be as healthy and vibrant as possible and create a plan of action that allows you to enjoy wellness.  
  • Learn to manage your thoughts by identifying the right fit mental wellness tool for you.  
  • Learn to tap into the greatest expression of who you are and live in your potential. 
  • Define personal and professional success – and create a plan to achieve those goals, using the support to implement that plan until your personally defined results are fulfilled.  


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Hi, I’m Raeanne!

I am a Holistic Business, Life and Success Coach who is committed to helping people be HAPPIER, HEALTHIER AND WEALTHIER in their lives AND their businesses!

I have been in the coaching and mental health industry for well over a decade working with all different types of business owners.

In addition to being a Business Owner, Holistic Business Coach, I am also a Mother of 3 under 6 – I know what it’s like to be a busy mom with little ones at home, who also has a BIG dream in their business.

I know what it’s like to want to have it all and to struggle with balancing out the responsibilities of business ownership and motherhood, and to have those pulls on your time, energy and availability.

I’m so excited to bring you these game changing tools that have been cultivated in service to hundreds of individuals over my decades of experience in health, mental health and business!