"I believe that who you are anywhere is who you are everywhere."

As a holistic business and mindset coach, I combine my professional skills and certifications  with communication to help individuals and groups become the best versions of themselves.


Everyone already has everything they need to be the best version of themselves. 

I will help you discover what that means to you personally, recognize what’s in your way and find the right path to make your dreams a reality.


I'm Raeanne Lacatena

Holistic Business, Life, Success Coach, and Author

I use my nearly 20 years of experience as a licensed counselor to help clients make the most of their own unique abilities, utilize their own unique self-care tools kits and identify anything that stands in the way of achieving their best possible lives.

As a holistic business and mindset coach, I combine my professional skills and certifications  with communication to help individuals and groups become the best versions of themselves.

In December 2023, I had the honor of contributing my distinctive approach to conquering fear and doubt to the latest book by internationally best-selling author Jim Britt, titled "Cracking the Rich Code." In April, I am set to launch my inaugural solo-authored book on actualizing your potential through the growth of your business.


Rather Than Juggling Numerous Roles, We Will Determine Your Authentic Self.

Together, we'll eliminate obstacles, allowing you to realize your full potential. We'll craft a practical action plan tailored to unfold in the best possible manner for both your personal and professional growth.

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Cracking the Rich Code

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The Integrated Entrepreneur

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Recent Podcast Features

 "Life Changing- You have been so much more than a business coach. You have all the professional tools and knowledge to guide me on my path and then also know when to put those aside and be an empathetic friend and confidant on matters that are so much deeper than work. And further, your intuition is off the charts. It takes you so little time to assess what’s happening, sum it up and open my eyes. Thank you!”

Maria F.S.; President and Innovation Expert

 “If I could hit the restart button, the one thing I would do differently is hire a coach sooner. Since working with Raeanne, my focus, drive, and mindset has expanded more than I could have ever imagined. It is amazing to look back to when we started down this path in 2018. My dream of building a team as well as having a respectable practice is coming to life in ways I could not imagine. She lets me be authentically me during our sessions and helps me regroup or re-prioritize when needed. Her firm yet gentle reminders to stay the path is key to our coalescence. If you are reading this, contemplating if you should take the leap… Take it and be ready for the opportunities that will begin to flow your way.”

Stella F., Financial Representative at Park Avenue Securities LLC

 “I just wanted to send you a quick note to say THANK YOU for all of your support this past year. I just ran my final year end revenue numbers and I am UP almost 25% from last year! I don’t think I could have had the year I had (not just financially, but more importantly regarding the improved mental state) without you keeping me “on track.”

I hope I’m not the only one who is reminding you about the significance your work brings to your client’s lives. It certainly has had an enormous impact on mine.”

David M. G.; President at Integrated Planning Concepts (IPC)



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