Create a High-Functioning Team 

Move through a comprehensive process that allows your team to form, build and/or grow to produce a highly functioning group of collaborators. 


Working with people can be hard – and incredibly rewarding

 Our comprehensive process helps you explore the dynamics which your team has which are working and which are not working.

Then we help you identify the shifts necessary to support you in achieving the ideal balance with the internal and external dynamic changes to help your team fire on all cylinders. 


Here's How I Can Help You...

Get to the heart of the matter: 

Take your team through a series of processes that allow you to collaboratively identify your mission, vision, goals, value, and purpose. 

Embrace Collaboration: 

Assess who you have, what they naturally bring to your organization, where they may have limits to their natural abilities and who else you need to create a healthy, high functioning team, while you learn the leadership and communication skills to engage each member appropriately and effectively.

Plan and Implement: 

Receive the guidance to co-create short and long term business plans, strategies, prime producing tasks, projects that lift your efforts and accountability support that engages your team through fun and discipline that creates freedom.

What’s Included:

  • Customized leadership coaching and accountability support
  • Team assessments
  • Communication and leadership skills training based on the goals and mission of the team.
  • Individual Coaching for team members, based on a care plan co-created with the leader. 
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation


Assessment to form a new team and strategic plan to develop, hire, train and retain that new team  


Assessment of existing team to enhance effectiveness, efficiency and relationships.

If you are interested in getting started with Team Coaching, please:

Complete and submit the Discovery Session Application.

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