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Life Changing- You have been so much more than a business coach. You have all the professional tools and knowledge to guide me on my path and then also know when to put those aside and be an empathetic friend and confidant on matters that are so much deeper than work. And further, your intuition is off the charts. It takes you so little time to assess what’s happening, sum it up and open my eyes. Thank you!”

- Maria F.S.; President and Innovation Expert

“If I could hit the restart button, the one thing I would do differently is hire a coach sooner. Since working with Raeanne, my focus, drive, and mindset has expanded more than I could have ever imagined. It is amazing to look back to when we started down this path in 2018. My dream of building a team as well as having a respectable practice is coming to life in ways I could not imagine. She lets me be authentically me during our sessions and helps me regroup or reprioritize when needed. Her firm yet gentle reminders to stay the path is key to our coalescence. If you are reading this, contemplating if you should take the leap… Take it and be ready for the opportunities that will begin to flow your way.”

- Stella F., Financial Representative at Park Avenue Securities LLC


“Over the past year I have partnered with Raeanne Lacatena, LCSW-R, CPC & her team. Immediately after hiring them, we saw some incredible growth in my team, business & overall vision. Getting clear on what we wanted my team & business to look like. Changed how we look at vision & goals & overall it was a game changer.

Let’s fast forward, my vision is clear, my team is growing, I have partnered with other businesses & overall would not have been able to do it all without the accountability, experience & knowledge from my coaches. What this has done for me has put me in the position to serve so many more people in the community & I cannot wait to keep it going.

If you are an executive level sales professional, an entrepreneur, or a business owner I would highly recommend having a conversation with them. After that conversation you will know if they are the right fit for you & your business. If they are & you put in the work, it will be a game changer."

- Daniel S., Managing Associate and Financial Advisor

“Raeanne is a partner and a guide in your own personal journey. She empowers you to take ownership for your growth and development. Raeanne has a unique way of helping people identify goals that align with who they want to be in the world and defines what success looks like for them. She creates strategies for problem solving that are safe and helps them bravely achieve their goals. She gives people the tools needed to uncover their authentic selves, to be resilient and co-create with individuals and groups who are uplifting.”

- Corinne B., Founder of Corinne Consulting

"I am so eternally grateful to and for you!  In such a short time you have helped to open my heart in places I did know needed to be opened and healed allowing me to grow.  It feels like we have known each other so much longer than a few sessions on the phone.  I absolutely know you are a gift to me from God.   I am so excited for this journey of building business with you by my side.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for the beautiful gifts you share."


Hallie Keneda

Owner & Creative Developer

“Whatever I write here will pale in comparison to the real-world, real-life impact of having Raeanne as a guide, mentor and teacher over the course of the past 18 months.

In every measurable metric, and in a bunch of the unmeasurables, I have seen significant changes and improvements. I am more focused and intentional in my client interactions, more present and available in my personal and family relationships, and with myself. The work we have done (and continue to do) has centered and empowered me, given me the foundation to manage the inevitable ups and downs of life with a presence and peace that had been missing for far too long. In short, I have found me again through this work.

If you are wondering whether you should work with a coach, the answer is YES and the answer is Raeanne!”

-Ian Hastings, Partner at Meridian Financial Associates


“I just wanted to send you a quick note to say THANK YOU for all of your support this past year. I just ran my final year end revenue numbers and I am UP almost 25% from last year! I don’t think I could have had the year I had (not just financially, but more importantly regarding the improved mental state) without you keeping me “on track.”

I hope I’m not the only one who is reminding you about the significance your work brings to your client’s lives. It certainly has had an enormous impact on mine.”

 - David M. G.; President at Integrated Planning Concepts (IPC)


“I wanted to write you to say “Thank You” for all your patience and understanding in helping me this past year.

I was ready for change but had no idea where to begin. I had so many unresolved thoughts and feelings. I was grateful and thankful for so much in my life along with having thoughts about myself and others that ate away at me constantly. I struggled with emotions surrounding all aspects of my life. You gave me the tools and guidance to see clearly, to live in a world of peace and harmony. I could never have begun this new and exciting journey without you.

It’s only been a year, but I am now a better person for having met you. I have experienced forgiveness, kindness, and love in situations where I would have experienced anger, resentment, and hate. I see the world and myself in a much different light. Raeanne, you and MDA have helped me find peace.

I look forward to working with you in 2022 and continuing this new journey of life!” 

 - Steven T., President of Epic Wealth Strategies, LLC

“I worked with Raeanne for several years when I was a dentist and was struggling feeling unhappy and overwhelmed at work. She is one of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with and was the reason I was able to take the leap and leave my career that was making me miserable. She’s able to offer great support and helps you see the bigger picture. I can’t thank her enough for helping me find my true passion as a coach. I highly recommend her as a coach.”

- Jennifer K., Certified Professional Coach


“I’m very grateful that our paths have crossed. You’ve created so much value in my life that I wasn’t even seeing while you were doing it.  From meditating, to pushing me through uncomfortable times, conversations, etc, to helping me be a better person & leader—Thank you! I have so much appreciation for the little things in life and I am so much more aware of certain things that I used to overlook. Business is doing very well, and my team continues to expand. We’re busier than ever!”

- Eric M., Business Owner and Funding Strategist


Stephanie shares her personal journey of growth and gratitude.

From her initial aspirations to build a marketing team to fully immersing herself in content creation, Stephanie talks about the profound impact that working with a coach has had on both her professional path and personal well-being.

Her testimonial highlights the power of mentorship and authentic connection in Stephanie's journey towards success.



“Raeanne has been an invaluable source of encouragement, insight and ACTIONABLE progress during a high-stress period of my life dealing with both a growing business and a growing family. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed during times like this, like no matter how hard you work or how many things you try, you still can’t ever seem to pull ahead. Raeanne’s compassionate way of working with you was a godsend in this situation. Piece by piece, she has helped me forge a new relationship with the most important things in my life, one where overwhelm is replaced by empowerment, and one where the demons and limitations of the past can truly be replaced by new ground. Her teachings and tools are incredible. Yet what sticks with me the most is her amazing light as a human being. She is an excellent coach, and an outstanding role model for anyone who wishes to find more happiness, fulfillment and IMPACT in their lives. DO NOT hesitate to work with her if you can!”

- Anish M., Career Coach


“When I started working with Raeanne in 2015, I felt my career was starting to plateau.  I was not seeing the growth and progress that I had hoped for, and as I worked harder, I became more and more frustrated.  The practice management techniques and business strategies that had created success early in my career simply were not working the same way anymore, and I needed to take a step back and re-evaluate.

Raeanne helped me to learn not only how to run a better business, but be a better advisor and human with my clients, too.  Over the past five years, we have worked on creating a more efficient business and process with my clients, as well as how to have more impactful and powerful conversations and relationships, too.  Raeanne has supported me in unlocking my business potential, decreasing my stress and increasing my production, while allowing me to be able to enjoy better health and family time, too!

The past few years have been especially productive in my work with Raeanne.  In 2018, I had an “A-ha!” moment, and realized that I had what it takes and knew what to do to make my first President’s Council.  Raeanne supported my growth and helped me every step of the way, achieving a level of business production and work-life balance that I could never have imagined when we started together in 2015!

I can honestly say that I would not be where I am in life and in my career without Raeanne’s support, coaching, and consulting!  I cannot recommend her expertise enough for any advisor and entrepreneur who is seeking growth and a happier, improved professional and personal lifestyle!

- Michael S., Financial Advisor


Jerica came to coaching feeling stuck and struggling to find her next step in business and unsure of how to move forward.

While in LevelUp she successfully found, secured and moved into a perfect fit space that she is proud to call her business home! She also now has a business and marketing plan that is in alignment with her goals, where she is signing clients into a new experience and feels more confident than ever in the communication of her offers and skills!

 - Jerica, Makeup Artist 

"World Class Coach and Person.

I have been working with Raeanne for over a decade and she has helped me through so many stages of growing my business. She has helped guide me through trying to hit sales goals all the way through acquiring another business. Not only has her coaching helped me greatly in my business, but also in my personal relationships. Raeanne is a fantastic coach, person, and friend whom I would recommend to anyone trying to enhance their business and personal relationships."

-Anthony C., President of Corio and Associates