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You will discover that entrepreneurship is a personal development plan, brilliantly disguised as a financial opportunity.

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Hi, I'm Raeanne Lacatena,

a Certified Professional Coach who aids professionals and entrepreneurs in realizing their fullest potential. With expertise as a Reiki Master, Licensed Registered Mental Health Counselor, and Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner, I empower clients through empathic insight and communication skills.

Endorsed by Tony Robbins and with two decades of counseling and coaching experience, I help clients unlock their talents, create personalized self-care routines, and overcome obstacles.

My strategic approach guides clients to success in relationships, finances, communication, health, and wellness.


The Integrated Entrepreneur not only supports you through your journey as an entrepreneur, it is a framework that you can utilize in your career and beyond.

This book combines poignant insights with practical exercises to inspire entrepreneurs to embrace

purpose-driven business ownership through the depths of self-transcendence through... 

Releasing Limiting Beliefs

Mindset Work


You will be gently, yet powerfully guided to...

  1. Align with your mission
  2. Transcend default inner programming
  3. Create a process unique to your individual business
  4. Embrace your innate wholeness so you can create holistic growth, ripples of positive impact, and a lasting legacy. 

Prepare to elevate not only your business

but also immerse yourself in a soulful experience toward realizing your fullest potential.

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 About The Author

Raeanne Lacatena is a Certified Professional Coach who helps busy professionals and entrepreneurs actualize their highest selves and most fulfilling lives.  She achieves this by leveraging her expertise as a Reiki Master, Licensed Registered Mental Health Counselor, and Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner, complemented by her acute empathic abilities and communication skills.

As an International Best Selling Author endorsed by Tony Robbins with twenty years of experience as a counselor and over a decade’s experience as a business coach, Raeanne empowers her clients to harness their unique talents, curate personalized self-care toolkits, and address obstacles hindering them from achieving their ideal lives.  

Her blend of business management, strategic planning, and a knack for unlocking an individual’s potential have equipped her to guide clients past hurdles and toward success and contentment in various aspects of life, including relationships, finances, communication, health, and wellness.  Her client base spans the country, serving diverse entrepreneurs as they ascend to higher levels of leadership in their respective industries.

Raeanne resides in picturesque western New York with her husband, her three young children who are her “why”, and two small dogs. She and her family share a passion for travel, music, culinary adventures, basking in the sun, and spending cherished moments by the water.

The Integrated Entrepreneur offers insightful guidance and practical exercises to empower purpose-driven business owners.

 It's time to align with your mission, create a tailored business process, and embrace your wholeness for holistic growth and positive impact.

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